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REALTORS are trained to provide valuable assistance to buyers in the following areas:

Identifying desirable types of properties to acquire.
Locating properties available to view and consider.
Preliminary investigation and timely information gathering.
Viewing properties and providing guidance and advice.
Helping select the right property on which to make an offer.
Preparing a legally binding Contract of Purchase and Sale.
Negotiating favourable terms and conditions.
Assisting in arranging suitable financing if necessary.
Assisting in arranging property inspections and other needed services.
Assisting in the completion and possession process.
(British Columbia Real Estate Association 2005)
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The purpose of the Sandiford free buyer’s package is to give you insight into:

The Decision to Purchase
What Can You Afford
Where Should You Purchase
Real Estate Agents
What other Questions Should You Ask?
Making an Offer and
Completing Your Purchase
Maps of the area
Royal Lepage
The area of Oceanside (Parksville, Qualicum Beach, Nanoose Bay)
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Costs To Be Borne By The Home Buyer

Lawyer or Notary Fees and Expenses: Searching title, investigating title, drafting documents, land Title Registration fees, Survey Certificate (if required)
Costs of Mortgage including: mortgage companyĆ­s Lawyer/Notary, appraisal (if applicable), Land Title Registration fees.
Fire Insurance Premium
Sales Tax (if applicable)
Property Transfer Tax (In British Columbia 1% on first $100,000 and 2% thereafter)
Goods and Services Tax.
Seniors’ information Parksville Qualicum Beach Real Estate

The Parksville Qualicum Beach area is known as the Palm Springs of Canada. Although the weather isn’t as warm as the desert it is considered the best in Canada. In April 2000, the United Nations recognized the region of Oceanside as one of only seven “biospheres” in Canada. This designation was based on the marine, alpine and meadow ecosystems coexisting within such a small geographic area.

This designation allows us to enjoy outdoor activities such as golf, walking, hiking, and fishing, all year round. This area is alive with clubs and activities for retirees that are too numerous to list! A plethora of friends await you to join them.

Please look on our Parksville, Qualicum links page and browse the various clubs and activities available to Parksville Qualicum Beach residents. Our medical facilities are excellent, as is our transit system connecting Parksville, Qualicum Beach and Nanaimo to the quaint shops in Qualicum Beach as well as to all the major big box stores and malls in Nanaimo. Having everything close by, living near the ocean in a quiet, great location with all necessary amenities and wonderful people makes this place a fabulous choice!

Pharmacare: 1-250-387-3724
Medical services plan: 1-250-386-7171

HOSPITALS and Walk-In Clinics:
Nanaimo Regional General 1-250-248-2332
St Joseph’s Comox 1-250-339-2242
Parksville walk-in clinic 1-250-2482044

Ministry of Health Seniors website

This information is intended as a guide for those interested in finding a Parkville and Qualicum real estate agent to assist them with the purchase or sale of a home. It is not intended to solicit services from those who have already signed listing agreements with a licensed Realtor or to act as legal advice. It is always best to take your questions to a licensed real estate professional in your local area.